Bermuda Triangle Darts- Rules, Scoring, and Keys to Winning

Bermuda triangle darts is one of the most intriguing games that you will ever play. The game tests not only your skill but also your patience in the game. Over the years the game has been known as the Halve It game and it is enjoyed by newbies and professionals too.

This game is not for the faint hearted as it challenges even the most experienced players. Tension builds from the word go and rises with every throe. Only the bravest see it through and maintain their high scores. You should not be intimidated by the challenge though, by the end of it you will be left feeling victorious.

Make sure you hit the target with all your three darts else your score will be halved. This games builds your personality as it lets you play under pressure even when you play it alone.

How to Play The Halve It Darts

Type of Dartboard and Darts to be used

Most people like playing this game on the electric boards. However, the Bermuda Triangle darts can be played on any type of boards be it magnetic, bristle, wooden or even electric. Just ensure that the board has the usual 1-20, the inner and the outer bullseye.

Bermuda triangle dart rules

This game goes for a total of 13 rounds at a designated target. The rounds assume the order listed below.

Round 1 – 12

Round 2 – 13

Round 3 – 14

Round 4 – Any double of your choice

Round 5-15

Round -16

Round 7 -17

Round 8 – A treble of your choice

Round 9 18

Round 10 -19

Round 11 – 20

Round 12 – 25/Bulls Eye The two targets earn you 25 points for this round with a maximum of 175 points.

Final Round 13 – Bulls Eye

You start each round with the particular target in mind. A good example is going for a single 12, double 12 or treble 12 aiming at the highest possible score. Professionals will aim for the treble bed. This will earn a total of 108 points just at the firs

t round. You will progressively move down the rounds trying to score a maximum in each round to get a record breaking score.

Be very keen when choosing your target as the rule is that if you miss any of the targets with all your darts, your total score will be cut by halve. For example, you are in the final round and you miss hitting the bulls eye with all your shots, this results in your total score being cut by half. This means that you can be the last one after leading the whole gaming period. Now as you can see, the game seems very simple but it can be very tense.

How to Score in Bermuda Triangle darts

This game gives you the freedom to hit any of the three beds all the way from 12’ to 20’. For the Doubles, you simply add on any of the doubles you hit. However be very careful because three misses on a double gets your score halved.

To set the record straight the 12th Round where you get to hit 25 or the bulls-eye, the bulls-eye counts as a 25 on this round. However, a 25 will not count as a Bulls-eye in the last round hence you need to be extremely accurate to hit it else you will have your score halved.

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How To Win

The easiest way to win in this game is hitting a treble on each of the 13 rounds, however this is a trick for a world class dart player. For a beginner the easiest way to win is to play it simple. Aim for the large sections of the target during each round. Hitting the double or treble is challenging as the target gets smaller. You will get to this when you get better and your scores will be higher.


This is a fantastic game to play. You hold your breath form the start to the end. Only the best stay put without halving their scores. So is it time for the challenge? For newbies this is an awesome game as you will learn easily and watch your scores climb as you master the game.