Do you know that the first known billiard was played outdoors in the 1340s?  The first known indoor pool table was owned by King Louis XI of France (1461-1483) the history of billiards is always intertwined with royalty, affluence, and comfort. So why not be part of it?

The relaxation effects resulting from playing pool from back then have attracted soldiers, 8kings, queens and party lovers. It is the same today. Of the two, outdoor pool table reigns supreme in the happiness scale and that is why you should own one. To be the center of attraction and a source of happiness for your friends and family.to participate in making the world around you better and happier.

Many are the benefits of owning an outdoor pool table, but I will only tackle 7 in this article

So What Are The Benefits of Owning a Pool Table?


There is no better way of whiling away a lazy afternoon than playing a game of pool with either friends or family in the open. Spending time in your backyard is the best way to connect and bond. The best part is that a pool game cannot be played without company. Therefore if you are having a family get-together, a barbecue or classmate reunion this is the best game.

The adrenaline rush is just on another level. You pick two competitors at a time while the rest are spectators. Out of these strong relationships are created. As you enjoy the game there is mutual learning. It is even better if you are playing it out with your children. The game produces a social and mental stimulus that cannot be achieved if the time was spent watching TV. The child-parent relationship is built- up .creating a strong family bond


There is so much convenience in using an outdoor pool table for practicing. If you have the intention of becoming the best in the game. This is the way to go. You get sufficient time to concentrate on the game. To be accurate in cue stick handling requires time; an outdoor pool table gives just that. The pool game is geometry and applied physics.

The cue ball should not be hit too hard or too soft and the angle has to be right. With time, you naturally master the force to apply for each stroke. This private practice makes you such a good player that you can predict your opponents move with accurate precision.


You develop perfect wrist movement and raised concentration. You learn about not taking chances. The best part of it is that you learn all this in your own space and time.Saving you time and money. Using your outdoor pool table




Being an outdoor pool table owner is good for your health as this allows you to catch a breath fresh air and bask in the sun. To spend time with your surroundings and appreciate nature. Playing pool outdoors is refreshing and invigorating. It reduces anxiety and stress



It is now an open secret that the best way to exercise your brain is playing a game of pool. An outdoor pool table is the best of it. This game requires tact, strategy, and keen concentration. All this requires a lot of thinking.

The competitive nature of the game requires a lot of critical reasoning. This ends up stimulating the mind and cognitive ability. The cerebrum is exercised and thinking ability boosted. During your turn, you have to aim at getting the best short.

There is a calculation of speed and movement at the same time.  This promotes mental alertness and keeps your mind Sharp. As this involves proper utilization of brainpower. If you suffer from primary level ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder. Playing the pool will be best to suppress the condition.


When did you last have a good stretch? An outdoor pool table is a perfect place to exercise. Playing pool allows you to stretch your hips and flex your arms. As you aim at the balls with the cue stick the shoulders flex at regular intervals. This is the best way to grease your hinges


Yes, you have read right. The pool table is a sufficient piece of furniture that can be converted into a dining table. Due to the large size of the table. It can accommodate a large number of people. So you can have an amazing dinner under the moon. Or even lunch with extended family or friends under the sun.


Research has shown us that playing pool is the best way to stay young. It slows down the aging process. When old age knocks the door it does so with physical manifestation. Lost physical coordination, jerking limbs and weak motility. Enjoying yourselves at an outdoor Pool carries very little risk to injury making it very ideal for the elderly. This is also the best sport for reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, which majorly affects people over 50years. increased physical activity promotes the production of dopamine-producing cells.



If you want something to play with your friends during a grill party or just have a small family party. An outdoor pool table would be very ideal. It comfortably meets all your pleasure, social and health need all at once with no additional cost. An outdoor pool table can easily be converted to suit your preference at any given time. It is an interesting game with minimal risk of injury, ideal for all ages.

I would recommend that you get an outdoor pool table and a billiards table cover if you are interested in building focus and strengthening your concentration ability. This also the best way to burn calories. Improvement of life skills by inculcating a culture of teamwork. In this way, you create relationships of mutual learning and friendship. So, if you are an introvert .invest in an outdoor pool table for a turn-around in your social life