8 Things to Know Before Buying a Barstool.

Buying or adding some pieces of units in your home is an endeavor you do not want to take casually.  A barstool is a word generally used to refer to tall stools ordinarily known for their usage in bars or pubs. Barstool may be used to mean counter stool or a spectator stool due to their differences in height and place of use. So, before deciding on adding barstools in your house or at the bar, the following factors should be considered to assist you in settling for the finest barstool to meet your criteria.

Here is the Barstool Buying Guide

  1. Consider The height

Uncomfortable barstools mean uncomfortable guest or a member of the family. It is not your intention to have a barstool that feels so uncomfortable to sit on. Hence, it is paramount to have your measurements right before you even start window-shopping for them. Depending on where the stool is intended to be in use, they come in different heights. First things first, measure from the floor to the level of the counter or bar stand. While selecting one for the cooking area, the height for the bar table must be 36 inches, and the seat height should be 30 inches. Suitable height for counter tables is 36 inches tall while the seat ranges from 24-26 inches. Spectator stools, commonly known as stadium stools, are the tallest with the seat height ranging from 34-36 inches tall while the table height is 46 inches high.


  1. Matching The Home style

When deciding to add some barstools either in your kitchen or at the bar counter, it is imperative to pick those complementing the existing interior design. Chose the stools that will match with either the counter tabletop or the cabinets in your cooking area, or you can decide to introduce a harmonizing color that will blend flawlessly. Another consideration is the kind of floor; if the floor is wooden, then you will need to get stools that will blend with the floor.

  1. Durability

Fixing wear and tear can be expensive and time-consuming. To avoid wear incidences, contemplate selecting long-lasting material for your barstools. Most commonly used is wood, but again, there are mixed varieties of wood with dissimilar levels of durability. Other than wood, some are from the metallic and plastic material.

  1. Comfort

Depending on how often the barstools are in use, you will need to consider the relaxation they offer to your family and invitees. So what makes a barstool extra cozy? Well, there are some aspects to put in mind for you to enjoy the coziness while sitting on a barstool. Barstools come with or without a back supporter. The back supporter may offer high- back support or low back –support depending on the stool design. Back support offers maximum comfort, although they tend to consume too much space since they cannot fit in under the counter table. Low back support and backless stools, on the other hand, are more suitable for small spaces since they perfectly fit in under the counter tables.

They also come with footrests where your guests can rest their feet as hanging feet can be uncomfortable and strenuous.  Another aspect to consider for comfort is picking those that come with padded seats and padded back support. The padded ones are quite comfortable but not suitable for commercial use due to high levels of tear and wear.

  1. Available space and location

The amount of space available in your cooking area or bar is a good consideration while you wish to add an extra item. You should measure the space you find suitable for the stools from the floor to the bar table. By so doing,  you will have stools that not only serve the purpose intended but also not look so congested. The space between one person to the next should be 26-30 inches or a stool per 2 ½ feet to ensure the stool user is more comfortable and can move arms freely.

  1. The number of stools

Having measured the space available to fit in your bar or kitchen counter, the next question will be; how many stools do you need. The answer to your question will be dependent on the number of people in your house and how many people join you in the kitchen while preparing that delicacy. Many are times when friends and kids wish to join you while you in the kitchen. This will guide you on how many pieces you ought to buy so that you save on space too. An overcrowded room is not appealing to the eye, especially where there is limited space.

  1. Convenient features.

Of late barstools have diverse structures, unlike the traditional wooden stools. They are now available as adjustable and swivel stools. Adjustable ones are easy to operate to a desirable height comfortable to the user. Swivel bar stools help your guests easily turn and talk among themselves without having to leave their stools thanks to its 360-degree functionality. Again these features are not safe for kids due to their mobility, which can easily cause an accident while kids choose to play with them. If you might be moving houses soon, adjustable stools are the best choice since they can be adjusted to fit any bar or counter table.

  1. Complement your color coordination in your room

The closer the colors are to each other, the easier they are to blend well and give that sophisticated look. Barstools are in stock in different shades. Considering the ones to blend well with your current color scheme will bring out the stylish aspect, you may be planning to achieve.


Barstools are becoming common in our kitchens lately as they add a classy aspect when the design and color combination matches the color palette of the house. When adding them to your kitchen, a few things to do with height, design, space, color combination, comfort, durability, number of stools, convenient features should help you select the best barstools.