Air Hockey Rules: Play Fair and Play Fast

Air hockey is a game that is loved by different groups of people irrespective of their age. Actually most families have embraced it as a way of bonding and sharing time together as a family. Just like any other game, air hockey has some rules that every player ought to know for a free flowing game. With the rules at hand, you will enjoy the game and have a great time.

Air Hockey Rules
We have simplified the official US Air Hockey Rules for you below;

  1. The person who hits seven(7) points or goals first wins the game.
  2. You score a goal when you drop the puck in the opposition’s goal (This does not hold if play was suspended or a foul was done).
  3. Players rotate ends after every game
  4. The pluck starts with the player who conceded a goal.
  5. You can only hand serve the pluck once your opponent scores
  6. One mallets is available for a player at a time
  7. You can struck the puck with any part of the mallet
  8. You have exactly seven seconds to hit the puck once it crosses to your half of the table.
  9. The puck cannot be ‘topped’ by raising the mallet and hitting the top of the puck
  10. Always have one pluck in play at all times
  11. When the pluck is in contact with the center line any player can strike it.
  12. You can stand anywhere on your half of the table behind the center line.
  13. When any part of your hand, arm, clothing or body touches the puck, it is a foul.
  14. Each player is entitled to a one 10 second timeout per game.
  15. Only the player with the puck can call the timeout or anyone can do it when the puck is not in play.
  16. Any player who concedes a goal has ten seconds to restart the game.

While as it is fine to abide with these rules, you can change the number of winning points from seven to a number that synchronizes with the time you have to play and the number of players sharing the table. For a case where you plan for a mini tournament among your friends for an evening you can agree on 5, 10, 15 or even 20 points. Just make sure that you agree before the match starts and you can use any number.

If you want to practice more and perfect your art or skill, visit our air hockey table review page and see what fits you best. For a detailed review on the official rules of the game, you can visit the official US Air Hockey site-