13 Dart Rules Every Player Must Know

Darts is a sport like any other. Traditionally it was played in Europe. However it has gained popularity around the world. Its normally involves throwing small arrows popularly known as darts at a circular dartboard fixed to a wall.



Dart Rules: History

Though initially it was played for fun with no general rules. From 1900’s as the world embraced the game of dart, there was need to develop a certain set of rules to regulate the game. The term “darts” usually now refers to a standardized game involving a specific board design and set of rules. As well as being a professional competitive game. Every aspect of the game is regulated. There are established rules for throwing the darts, scoring, dartboard type and size, and even lighting during the game.

Dart Rules are basically controlled and bureaucracy by two capital affiliate organizations:

  • The BDO (British Darts Organization) who originally set all the rules which administer the bold of darts, and is the official darts physique for Britain, the arch darts country.
  • The PDC(Professional Darts Corporation), a battling British darts organization, which runs its own darts apple championship and is the arch able darts physique in the action . Both these organizations accomplish beneath the Official National Organizing Physique for Darts worldwide, namely the WDF (World Darts Federation).

Until 1992 the BDO and the PDC were both allotment of the BDO, but a break-away group, absolute 16 of the top able players, balked by the abridgement of befalling to accomplish a active professionally, and absent to yield the action to a new level, created the WDC – Apple Darts Council which after became the PDC – Able Darts Corporation.

The BDO ascendancy and bureaucracy their own clash rules internally while the PDC clash rules are laid down by the DRA(Darts Regulation Authority).

The development of all rules aural the PDC is the albatross of the DRA. The DRA is as well amenable for advancement the conduct aural the PDC and as well for the Anti-Doping Programme which are run in affiliation with UK Sports. For anyone to be able to attempt in any of the PDC tournaments you as well charge to become a affiliate of the PDPA (Professionals Darts Players Association)


There are two types of darts rules which affair all darts players:

  • The General Playing Rules as played on the alarm dartboard and
  • The Clash and Championships Playing Rules which affair all league, clash and championship bound players.

The dartboard shall be bureaucracy or attached so that the centermost of the bull’s-eye is absolutely 5 Ft 8 Inches or 1.73 meters high. The minimum throwing ambit shall be 7 Ft 9 ¼ Inches or 2.37 meters from the face of the board, if abstinent horizontally.

The toe-line or throwing band shall be acutely apparent and be at atomic 18 inches or 45.72 centimeters long.Diagonally, the distance from the center of the bulls-eye to the back of the throwing line must measure 9 feet and 7 3/4 inches. In addition to an established minimum throwing distance, the height of the dart board off of the ground is regulated. The center of the bulls-eye must be exactly 5 feet and 8 inches high.

Order of starting shall be bent by throwing abutting to the bull’s-eye with one dart. The champ shall bandy aboriginal in the aboriginal leg, and in odd alternating legs. The also-ran shall bandy aboriginal in the additional leg and if applicative in alternating even legs thereafter.

A bandy consists of three darts except area a bold is accomplished in less. Darts cannot be re-thrown, and alone darts afraid in the lath calculation to your score. On request, a amateur may be told what amount he has scored, or what amount he requires for the bold by the annual announcer, but not how to get it. If the amount appropriate for bold is exceeded in the advance of a throw, the bandy ceases, and no annual is taken of the annual acquired during that throw. The close bull(50) counts of the alien bull(25).

The following rules apply during the game of darts

  1. Each player gets three darts
  2. Each player should remove his or her own darts from the board after each turn. But only remove your darts after determining points.
  3. If a dart bounces or falls off it is out of play and cannot be thrown again. Same goes for a dart that sticks into another dart.
  4. If you accidentally drop a dirt and it wasn’t a misthrow, you can still pick it up and throw it again.
  5. Do not stand beyond the throwing line.
  6. Do not remove the darts from the board until you have recorded tour score for that turn.Dart Rules
  7. You may leave the throwing line to check your dart’s location on the board, but do not touch the dart until the end of your three dart turn.
  8. Opposing players should shake hands before and after each game
  9. Always determine who goes first before starting your match. Have each player from each team throw one dart at the bull’s-eye. The player closest to the cork goes first. He or she can choose the game to be played. If closest to the bulls is too close to can remove the darts and throw again.
  10. Determine the player order in games with 3 or more players. This can be done randomly, alphabetically or by splashing.
  11. If a non-player is keeping score, he or she must remain silent and not distract a player during their turn. The scorekeeper should verify each score before the darts are pulled from the board.
  12. There should be no one within 2 feet of the player throwing.
  13. If you win the game and there is still more darts, the game is over. No need to throw remaining darts.

In conclusion, no matter what game you decide to play at the bar, the above set of dart rules will apply.

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