Pool Table: Hardwood Floors or Carpets

Owning a pool table can be exciting but one question you should have in mind is whether your game room is going to be of quality, it is necessary to have a quality flooring area where the table will rest. It should be your first priority to pick out a floor that will keep the table level at all times. You should also consider the durability of the floor plus how easy it’s going to be when cleaning after the end of the game.

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Well, most people get confused on whether to install a carpet on the floor or either to install hardwood floor, well, the answer is pretty simple, hardwood floor is the best solution you can possibly have, it has more benefits and considering the fact that with simple instruction to follow, hardwood floor can be the best and it can last for more decades but you can still install a carpet. The carpet brings warmth in the room especially when it’s cold or maybe the basement is unfinished and it also softens the area which makes it pretty much comfortable, though, it is not one of the best option, it can be challenging for your pool table.

Installing carpet on the floor

There are some pretty thin carpets apart from the heavy ones but one thing you must understand is that even the thin ones are padded, all carpets are made in a way that they sit on a padded foam, which helps in protecting the carpet and also adds more comfort to the room.

After some time the padding on the carpet will be pressed by the table considering the weight of the table, this is possibly to happen after a few days or few weeks, after the padding is crushed the carpet becomes thin, this will bring about a challenge in leveling the table. One thing you should keep in mind is every time the carpet changes shape you will be required to change the position of the table in order to level it, now, that can be a tricky business. Replacing can also be a bit tricky, replacing possibly means calling your installers or a bunch of your friends to lift the table at one end at time then stretching the carpet on all the four sides of the room away from the table, till there are no wrinkles then lift the table and it sits on the carpet, now, think about this… how many times will you have to repeat this procedure in 2 years, you do know the answer to that…this is too much work, not a good idea at.

The padding of the carpet will take some time for it to settle so to make this right you will have to level the table each and every time. Leveling out can take few days or weeks. When the carpet settles you will notice the quality of the game.

Installing hardwood floor

Wood flooring means any product made from the wood, wood is a common choice among many, and it comes in different styles both colors and species. Installing a hardwood floor in your pool table room is one of the best decision you can possibly make though at times you find that the weather is not that friendly, this makes the temperature and humidity to change and cause the floor to shrink and also makes it to expand a bit.

Sliding wood is not recommended, it can be slippery especially when the weather is not friendly, and you know the results of a slippery floor…it can cause an accident. However, should you decide to install hardwood floor you ought to take care of the floor, it is that essential if you want it to last long, you should make it routine to clean it if possible after game, in that way you will be protecting and maintaining the floor appearance. For best results you should get a soft cloth for cleaning the area.

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People will step in that area most of the time when playing and a normal wear will leave the surface dull, it is recommended that when the surface finishes you can always polish the floor after every two or three months but it depends on the surface, the damages it has acquired, after the polish, it will give the floor a glossy shine and it will be presentable. Before polishing the floor, you should give the floor a thorough cleaning. Make sure you have the right polish, you can use water-based polish on floors with a polyurethane…in order to avoid toxic chemical exposure, you can get the polish that is free from volatile organic compounds. Polishing your hardwood floor periodically will make it look new for years to come.

When you are cleaning the floor, ask your friends to help you lift the pool table and the floor racks so that you can clean underneath, if you are cleaning with a vacuum cleaner make sure you have a soft cloth to wipe the floor so that it can dry off.

It is also advisable to use window coverings such as curtains and blinds to protect the floor from the sun, too much sun can discolor the floor. If you expose the floor to too much heat it will age and fade gradually. Also make sure to clean up any spills immediately so that you can prevent any permanent stain, it is common for people to either drink or eat while playing, when there are any spills, clean it up immediately, you can use a dampened cloth for cleaning up the stain, also make sure the place is dry.


Regarding to what we have learned, carpet is quite okay but hardwood floor is a lot more better, installing your game room with a carpet means that it has to be adjusted periodically, it’s not a bad idea though, if this is your cup of tea then you can go for it, however hardwood floor has more benefits, with a few simple steps of routine you are pretty much assured of it’s longevity and durability.