The Best Pool Balls To Buy

Just like many people out there, I thought that the brand or type of ball I buy will  just be good for the game  and it will not affect my experience when playing the game. Well shock on you if you are at the point I was in those many years ago. I have come to know and experience the best pool balls and I can smell a great ball from miles.

Do not be cheated to think that with a perfect diameter tolerance (basically means how round the pool balls are) you are good to go. Many manufacturers took up this as a selling point since all of them can achieve that. This article dissects everything you need to know right from the history, the different materials used in the manufacturing process, best brands, and a recommendation for what we strongly feel fits every billiards player be it a novice or a professional.

What Are The Best Pool Balls to Buy?

We recommend the Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set as the Best pool balls in the market today. They are high quality balls that protects your felt toonot to mention that they have the best durability. We use them in our pool hall and there is no comparison with other balls. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Getting it right at this stage will mean many years of a happy player. We are however not ruling out buying the cheap low grade balls for a table that you use once every year. They will simply do no harm to it and you will still enjoy the game. However, if you play more than once every week, you will need high end balls that will last longer, protect your felt cloth and give you a consistent play from the first day of use to the last.

To enjoy a game of pool or snooker consistently, you need  top quality balls, excellent cue sticks and the best chalk in the market. These balls need to be changed from time to time due to   wear and tear among other factors. We took our time and researched on the best quality balls that you ought to buy in your next outing. Keep reading and enjoy the game like the experts.

Top 5 Best Pool Ball Reviews

Best Quality Pool Balls

Aramith Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Regulation Belgian Made Billiard Ball Set

Any serious player will consider investing in these balls. There is a reason why they have been chosen every time in the Mosconi cup. The many years of research and perfection can be seen on the final product which beats all others in the market hands down. If you are a high end person, then this set is definitely reserved for you.

Aramith Super Pro Pool Balls

The balls are made from the phenomenal phenolic resin that ensures they are highly resistant to scratch and impact. Every shot comes with an unmatched precision due to the well balanced weight and the spherical shape. This set includes the dotted cue ball signifying the Aramith’s trademark. Every time the balls come into contact, they produce an amazing sound that cheers you on as you game.

For these great product, you will have to pay a little bit more than your regular set of balls. You can however find coupons or compare stores online to get the best price. The most recommended store is Amazon which gives you free shipping as well after your purchase. You can also get financing for this product through store card and surprisingly it is interest free if you clear before 6 months! There is absolutely no reason why you should not buy this set.


Best Budget Balls

Aramith 2-1/4″ Regulation Size Crown Standard Billiard/Pool Balls, Complete 16 Ball Set

This balls are unmatched in terms of design and quality. They come in a set of 16 balls with 7 stripes, 8 solids, and one cue ball. The fact that it is made up of phenolic resin gives it that exceptional impact and scratch resistance as you play.

This is the perfect set of balls for anyone who wants to keep playing for a longer time. They give that great sound during the break and move evenly as expected. This balls have been proven to last 5 times more than any other balls made from polymers.

The production process of these balls uses the vitrotech technology which gives them that extra impact resistance leading to a longer play time. The process is simulated to ensure uniform hardness round the ball and uniform weight giving the ball a perfect balance and a nice spherical shape. On the table the balls have a friction resistance roll not to mention their brilliant colors that make them stand out on your table.

However, just like any other product the Aramith premium pool balls have a negative side. You could be unlucky to get a set with the color from the number smearing into the white. Though this will not affect you play it looks quite untidy given the expected level of professionalism.


Brunswick Centennial Balls

These are high quality balls made fro premium Aramith phenolic resin. You will get superior impact and scratch resistance with this set giving you a long life with perfect play. the smooth outer finishing protects your felt too.

What we like most about thee balls is that they have a robust molecular bond that ensures that their colors and numbers remain bright and clear over the years. Unlike other balls, you will never get issues with fading or spotting. You also get a nice polish over the years not to mention the precision ground that offers the exact tolerance for that perfect roll.

Right from the packaging you will tell that this is a premium product and this runs all the way to the way they play. You are likely to find these balls in your next professional event; that alone speaks to their quality.


If you are looking for a regulation compliant ball set but you are tight on budget, then JAPER BEES is your perfect pick. The set comes with 16 balls that are regulation compliant both in size and weight. They are made of high quality phenolic resin giving them a perfect balance, exceptional bounce and a stable weight.

The manufacturer also took their time to think of their appearance and finish and they delivered a product with maximum visual comfort. These balls are a perfect pick for home games, leisure events and competitive tournaments too.

The Japer balls are 2.25 inch in diameter and weigh 5.9 oz giving them a consistent movement on the table. They are impact and friction resistant due to their vitrotech technology make that hardens their surface for a uniform prolonged play.

The durability of these balls is what guarantees you value for money. You stay with these balls till you buy another set not because they are won out but because you want to try out something new.

Best Snooker Balls

Aramith Standard Full-Size Snooker Balls (2 and 1/16 inch, 52.5mm, with 15 Reds)

To play snooker you require some extra balls. This set of 22 balls from Aramith is what you just need. The balls are of the highest quality that you will ever get in the market. They roll easily on the snooker table not to mention the accuracy and preciseness they add to your game.

If you are looking for a long term investment that will take care of your felt cloth, then this is a perfect choice. You will rarely experience cases of burns on the felt. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Just keep them safely after the game and clean them before starting your gaming day and you will always get that new look.

If you decide to buy on amazon, you will get shipping all over the world not to mention that you will get balls that will last you 5 times more than your other regular balls.

We recommend that you buy a snooker ball tray to help you keep the balls safely. The tray will help prevent regular drops that lead into chippings. It also protects the balls from dust.

If you are looking for a rich and well polished set of snooker balls, then this is the best pick.


Empire USA American Snooker Ball Set

If you are after cheap billiards and snooker balls, the Empire USA American Snooker Ball Set has got your back. This amazing set comes with the 15 reds and the pink, black, brown, green, yellow and blue with numbers printed on them. The set has a white cue ball too.

Empire USA American Snooker Ball Set

The balls are made of high quality resin and it comes with a unique American style. Each ball has been made with a perfect balance of roundness and it is highly polished to give it that bright look. The price is soft on your pocket and it is readily available. This is a great set for starters, you can also buy it for your kids if you want them to practice in your absence

The downside of this set of balls is that they leave marks on your felt cloth. Sometimes these marks can be hard to remove. If you care so much about your felt, you should look for another brand and possibly the Aramith pro set.


Best Bumper Pool Balls

Action Bumper Pool Ball Set Review

The bumper pool table is a special game that uses far less number of balls. This set comes with ten balls with one white with a red circle at the center and one red with a white circle at the center. The pack can be bought as a gift for a loved one or as a playing set to use at home.

Many people who use them love them for their perfect shape and smooth movement on the table when hit. The fact that they bounce off things makes them a perfect choice for the bumper pool table. The balls are of great quality and it exceeds your expectations considering the great price tag that is placed on them.

The Development History of Pool Balls.

The billiard games have been around for many centuries and different generations have contributed to its development. At the very onset, the balls were made of wood. Achieving the perfect round shape with the wood was very hard almost UN-achievable. The balls were easily affected by climatic conditions and they could easily break not to mention the continuous change of color with continuous use.

  • In the 1600’s, ivory was the preferred product as it produced very round balls that were resistant to climatic change. The production was however halted in the 19th century due to the great reduction of elephants around the world. The production simply could not be sustainable in future. A single tusk could only make eight balls meaning that a set of fifteen balls was equivalent to one elephant. Even though some old players still swear that the best ever balls were from the ivories, it simply endangered the lives of the elephants.
  • There were other materials like clay that came along the way. Clay produced perfect round balls but they could hardly withstand the constant hitting from time to time. The balls break during the game which is the number one reason why they are never recommended. Current developers have however come up with more resistant clay balls that will last longer. Many people prefer clay balls due to the cheap price tag that accompanies them.
  • In present times, the production of the balls has gone a notch higher to the use of phenolic resin. This is a laboratory product that has zero effect on the environment and it produces perfect balls that have zero tolerance to breaking and chipping. Regulatory bodies including the Billiards Congress of America have recommended the use of phenolic resin.

According to Saluc S.A 80% of all players in the world use the phenolic resin made balls. The Belgian manufacturing company that has been in the business since 1923 is best known for their Aramith Brand. They produce balls for pool, billiards and snooker games among other industrial balls and bearings with high tolerances for regular playing.

Aramith products stand out in the market simply because of their consistence in the raw materials their use in the production process. Many professionals know that the density, molecular structure and the balance of the balls greatly affect the play quality. Some erratic ball behaviors like inconsistent banking, zigzagging balls, random ball positioning and missing shots are as a result of inconsistency in the ball density.

There are other plastics and resins that are used in manufacturing today. They include clear acrylic and plastic and they are used to make top quality balls too. Elephant billiard balls are made from these combinations to give excellent balls with a high gloss finish. The finish keeps the balls from wearing the table cloth.

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The Pool Table Balls Buying Guide

This is a guide that will not only give you a huge spectrum of selection, it will also list the balls that have been tried and tested over time. The billiard balls were considered by thoroughly researching and identifying the materials they have been made from. The top choices are made of highly polished phenolic resin or top grade plastics. Another great consideration was the diameter tolerance ensuring that the balls are of perfect spherical shapes giving the ball a perfect spin. The resistance to cracking and chipping was also considered not to mention other factors that range from the weight and the balance of the ball that gives the ball accuracy, precision and consistency.

The balls that will be featured meet all the set standards and they are recommended for home games and competitions. They have a deep colors that will catch your eyes and the numbers are easy to read and brightly displayed. Due to the quality of the balls, the colors and numbers won’t be erased over time giving you value for many years to come.

Examining And Testing Pool Balls

When choosing your balls in a local store or soon after receiving your online ordered balls, you should check them and examine them. The set of balls should be well colored and the paint should not be spilling over. The areas near the numbers and at the edge of painted stripes should not be blurred neither should they appear to have any chippings.

Any cracked or chipped ball will wobble off the line if you roll them slowly on a level table.



There are many ball sets in the market today that will match you likes and fit your needs perfectly. All you need to do before the purchase is read excellent reviews like you just did and go ahead and buy the set that matches your budget. Remember to include the best pool ball rack in your purchase in case you don’t have one as this is a requirement when setting the balls on the table. Keep learning, keep practicing until you get to your best.