Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Ping pong is a very competitive game and it provides hours of fun. It is played by two players. Anyone from any gender and any age can play table tennis as long as they are enthusiastic about it. To play table tennis, all you need is a table, ball, and a paddle. However choosing the best paddle can be pretty confusing since there are gazillion of varieties. Whether you are an expert or a beginner choosing a paddle can be overwhelming. In order to obtain the best paddle, you need to assess your playing style and then try different paddles, from there you will be able to identify which one works best for you.

While choosing  a paddle, you also need a little bit of  background knowledge. This is a factor that contributes to you choosing the best.

Ping pong paddle are costly and you don’t want to make an expensive mistake.

You can choose the most high priced paddle but if it doesn’t fit your current experience, you will just be wasting money.

 Ping Pong Paddle Buying Guide

Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best ping pong paddle.


This is where you have to think about how you hold the paddle, how you play. Most players use Shakehand grip, although there are still players who use Penhold.

As a player, it is essential to choose a handle that gives support to your grip. Your blade handle will be determined by the way you hold the handle.

Play style

This is a very big attribute when choosing a paddle.

You might be a beginner, which means you are only starting out. At this stage, all you want to do is improve your skills gradually with the help of the best paddle, so you’d want to purchase a paddle that allows you to play consistently and one that is comfortable.

An intermediate is a player who has not been playing for quite a long time but through practice he/she has acquired some basic skills.

At this stage, you can do all different styles that can give you a win on a game, thanks to the skills you have acquired. And in this stage speed and spin are pretty vital.


An advanced player is a prowess, and has been playing for sometimes.

At this stage, you have already acquired a playing style. If you are an attacker, then a faster and heavier paddle will suit you best.

If you are a defender, then you can go for a light and slower paddle, a paddle that you can control.


You might be on a shoestring budget but this doesn’t mean you have to rob a bank to purchase the best ping pong paddle. You can still purchase a paddle that will fit your style at your budget. The main point here is obtain a racket that fits your current experience. As a beginner it is better to go for a custom racket. It can cost higher than a ready-made but it is worth it since when the rubber gets damaged you can always replace it or upgrade it when your skills graduate.


Just like the speed the same case applies to spin. A thicker rubber will generate more spin and a thinner rubber will generate less spin.


This will solely depend on the design of the paddle. The paddle will grant you less or more control over the ball. If you have more control this means you’ll have less speed and less spin.

If you are a beginner, you should go for high control rating then after developing your skills you can get more speed and spin.

Functions Of The Paddle

As mentioned above, there a varieties of ping pong paddles and this bring about confusion when it comes to picking the right paddle. But by understanding the functions of a paddle, this will help you to pick the best.


Paddles are made in such a way that they can hit the ball faster or slower. This will solely depend on the type of rubber that is on the paddle.

The thicker the rubber the speed it has. The thinner the rubber the less the speed.



Parts of a ping pong paddle


When it comes to table tennis, it is stated that paddle should at least be 85% made up of natural wood. The other remaining parts of the blade can be made of composite materials like cabin fiber or glass. Carbon blade makes the blade to be strong while providing a bigger sweet spot.

Manufacturers are pretty helpful to a player who wants to pick the best blade since they give away speed ratings which guides the buyers.



A sponge is found in between the blade and the rubber. It is somewhere between 1.2 to 2.5 mm thick. To have a better control over the ball, you need a thinner sponge while a thicker one will give you less control but more speed.

If you are a player who’s aim is to improve their skills, then investing in a custom paddle is the best since you can change the rubber as your skills develop gradually.



On the surface of a blade, there is rubber which covers both sides. They come in different types of rubber.


Smooth inverted and sticky: These are the commonly used rubbers since they provide speed. If you are an offensive player, this will suit you since it provides strong strokes and strong spins too.


Pips rubber surface: They provide faster and more straight shots. This is good for someone who is playing a defensive game as it reverses the opponent spin.






It doesn’t matter if you are playing just to have fun or you are in a competition, having the basic knowledge on the kind of paddle to choose is pretty much essential especially to your game. Pretty much of your skills and techniques will solely depend on the kind of the paddle you have.