How to Assemble a Pool Table

Assembling a pool table can be done so easily by a professional. This is his job and so he is conversant with the assembly instructions plus has the right tools for the job. Being a pro, he does this safely, correctly and saves on time. This does not mean that one who is not a professional cannot assemble the same pool table. No! All they require is some little know how, patience and a few equipment. It will take an average person 3-5 hours to put together the table.

Only a few tools will be required. These will include;

  • Billiard cloth
  • Paint scraper
  • Leveler
  • Socket wrench
  • Beeswax
  • Screwdriver
  • Propane blowtorch

  1. Time to unpack

Having the above tools of work, the next thing to ensure is that all the table parts are present and intact. Unpack all the parts paying attention to all the parts, the large ones and the small ones. You can place the small ones like the nuts and bolts in a place different from the large ones like the legs and the frames to avoid misplacing any of the parts. Use the manual to ensure that all the parts are present. If some are missing, contact the manufacture.

  1. Space determination

Having all the pieces of work, then, it’s time to determine how much space the pool table is going to use so as to set a place where you will want to have it. The space should be well considered as once the table is set, then you cannot shift it. Take into consideration the space that will be required for one to move round the table, the table size and the cue length and other additions like a cue rack  or a mini fridge.

  1. Attach the legs

Time to start off with the assembling work! The assembling should be done on the position where the table will finally be placed. Some frames may be pre-assembled while some may not. Follow with the manual while doing any assembling.

Use the socket wrench in nut tightening. Check if leg-mounting brackets will be necessary at the table corners. Then, securely attach leg support to all corners after which you should attach one leg at a time. Make sure that the legs are intact by touching them. When sure that they are well secured, turn the table into a standing position. Ensure that it is placed on the right position.

  1. Time to slate place

With the legs and the frames done, time to slate place. Locate the table centre and using a tape measure place the centre tile. The pool table’s frame should be well filled. There are those tables with 1 piece slate while others have 3 pieces.

Ensure that all the slates are evenly leveled by the use of a leveler. With the help of the leveler also, you can raise or lower the tiles by inserting shims below them. When the table is on level, then screw in the slates. Melt beeswax by use of a propane torch into spaces between tiles.

Beeswax should be allowed to dry overnight. Remove excess with a paint scraper.

  1. Fixing the felt

With the pool table bed made, lay the billiard cloth on top. Make holes for bolts in the slate panel and align the rails and pockets on the table. Firmly secure the washers and the screws by tightening them. Depending on the style of the table, Screw pockets or staple the underside of the table.

6. Other Accessories

Do you like a glowing pool table? You can add your preferred billiard lights at this point. You can as well add any other item you feel will make the exterior of the table look great and unique.

You’re done!

Make the final check to see that your table is level. Finally, it’s time to play! Your patience and hard work have paid off.