Outdoor Pool Table Reviews

Do you like enjoying family games but limited by the space available in your home? Worry no more. With the best outdoor pool table you can enjoy as many games as you can in your patio or on your deck. There are numerous tables that have been made to withstand severe weather conditions including water … Read more

Do you Really Need a Breaking Cue?

Many players choose for a breaking cue to escape wear and tear on their playing cues. More often than not, breaking cue needs some more force and will have a greater effect on the pool cue’s tip more so if it is a leather tip. With regular breaks, the leather tip of a nice cue … Read more

Difference Between Pool Cue and Snooker Cue

f you are new in the billiards world, you may have a problem in differentiating between pool cues and snooker cues. As you get to learn the two games you will have a clear understanding of each cue and you will know which cue to use for which game. Simply put that a snooker cue … Read more

How to Play Consistent Pool Consistently

Now, if you take a look at a prowess who is taking that shot, it so looks effortless, and he seems to be enjoying what he is doing right? Well, it takes a lot of consistent to make you a powerful pool player. Well, when you are new to the billiard game, you might be … Read more

How To Rack Pool Balls Like a Pro

A Rack is an equipment used in the pool table game to arrange the billiard balls, this marks the starting position of the game. Some racks are made of wood, plastic or metal. However, there are some traditional racks that are made in triangle form. People have different ways of racking pool balls, depending on … Read more

Pool Table: Hardwood Floors or Carpets

Owning a pool table can be exciting but one question you should have in mind is whether your game room is going to be of quality, it is necessary to have a quality flooring area where the table will rest. It should be your first priority to pick out a floor that will keep the … Read more

How Long Does a Cue Tip Last?

Is your old cue worn out? Or perhaps you are wondering when you should replace the existing cue tip? Maybe you are looking forward to trying out another promising tip in the market? whatever the case, we can help! While mastery in pool game requires hours of practice sessions and accuracy, your choice of game … Read more

Best pool table moving tips

Pool table is one of the things that ought to be handled with care as it is of much value. Moving a pool table is a huge task, it is not light weighted and it is delicate too. A normal pool table weighs more than 350 kilos so it makes it a task moving it … Read more

How much room do I need for pool table?

Many people tend to ask this question, well, first of all you need to know the size of the room you have. Pool tables vary to a great extend in size from small sizes to extra-large sizes. When you think about setting up a pool table, space should be the first thing on your mind, … Read more