Best Pool Table Cleaners Reviews and Users Guide

Best pool table cleaners

Playing pool goes well with some leisure. You will find yourself holding a beer or soda as you enjoy the game of billiards. Woe unto you if you happen to spill your drink on the felt without a cleaning plan on sight. The billiards table is an expensive addition to your man cave hence maximum … Read more

Game Room Seating Options

pool table seating options

Once in a while you need to find time and relax your mind with a game or two. A pool table is a great investment for this and it can be installed at home or at the working place. Having some time out of the norm relaxes the mind and you excel in the tasks … Read more

The Best Pool Balls To Buy

Just like many people out there, I thought that the brand or type of ball I buy will  just be good for the game  and it will not affect my experience when playing the game. Well shock on you if you are at the point I was in those many years ago. I have come … Read more

Why Do Some Pool Tables Have No Pockets

carom billiards

Billiards is an amazing game because you have numerous games to choose from. You can decide to play the 9-Ball, Ten Ball, Straight Pool, Carom Billiards among others. One of the oldest and most exciting billiards variation is the game of Carom.  This game was developed in France and it has evolved to the many … Read more

Top Ranking Female Pool Players

Women have conquered the game of pool too and it can no longer be considered to be a male only sport. The Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) has contributed immensely to the rapid growth in popularity of the women’s pool, with numerous top pool players joining the circuit. But the question still begs, who are … Read more

Best Pool Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Best pool table movies

There is a thing about billiards that movie creators like and they seem to utilize it really well. This is evident as there are more than 70 films that prominently feature billiards as protagonists. The outcome has always been great and some films have gone ahead to conquer the screens and even became great cinematic … Read more

Best Billiard Gloves Reviews

best pool gloves

When you start enjoying the game of pool or snooker you will have numerous experiences with the table, the cue sticks and the balls. You will however have a cordial relationship with the cue stick as it will always be in your hands. If you have sweaty hands or playing in a humid room, the … Read more

Best Pool Table Felt

Best Pool Table Felt

If you are repairing an old table or you want to renovate one that you just bought from Craigslist, or you just want to do an overhaul of your game room, first get the skills here and buy your pool table felt like a pro. We came up with this guide to walk you through … Read more

Waterdog Pool Player

Waterdog was a renown nickname for Donnie Edwards a famous pool table player. The American amateur grew to be one of the best in his times especially during his pick years. Though highly talented, Waterdog did not get maximum benefits from his skills as he led a life of struggle. Donnie would take 5 straight … Read more

How Much Does Pool Table Cost?

How Much does a Pool Table Cost?

Are you bothered by the price of the pool table that you want to buy? Worry no more as we are going to outline most of the factors that are used to determine the different costs. At the end of this article you should be able to tell the difference between a $1,000 table and … Read more